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Area: 3000 sq.ft 

Location: New Delhi

Client: Mr. Rajvinder Singh

Status: Completed

First impressions are an important part of human interactions. Entrance translates the office environment as well as allowing the visitors to peek in some positive vibes. The wow feeling as you enter into the reception lounge! Highlighter wall behind the reception desk, bold and beautiful sets a perfect example of an eye-pleasing design element right at the first glimpse as you enter the office. Imaginative interiors are ideal and work elegantly in the overall symphony of the space.

Design meets the client’s need! It’s all about the maximum number of seats and optimum utilization of space in a co-working office. Similar is the approach of Design follows planning adapted or 1share was as per the client’s requirement. Without much over do, he wanted Stylish and tasteful interiors! Zoning involves approximately 50 workstations, 2 meeting rooms, pantry, toilets and a cabin. Continuous stripes of black and white tiles on the walls and flooring in the pantry creates a melodramatic effect. The exquisite partition at the entrance is a creative combo of MS, glass and monochromatic pattern putting together a significant impact in the space. The meeting rooms intend to reflect a poetic and picturesque circular composition in an artistic approach.

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