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Artist's Residence


Area: 1200 sq.ft 

Location: Gurugram, Haryana

Client: Anonymous

Status: On going

Owned by a very famous Indian Artist, the house welcomes the view of Aravali’s & ample amount of natural light through clerestory windows in a double height space & a cantilevered staircase connecting the duplex, rich in architectural vocabulary, scale and volume. The residence is an unexecuted project and our interior proposal for the space. While minimalism binds the space, orchestrating an unusual and artistic character in the house. A nuanced creation of elements all work together with seamless cohesion. There is an air of subdued elegance in the house. It celebrates a relationship between whites and shades of grey keeping the material pallet neutral and minimal. Sunlight sweeps every corner filtering an ambient glow and highlighting textural nuances. Driven by creativity in design, every zone features a characteristic hue, affording an instant visual identity.

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