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Empowerer City 2.0


Area: 1800 sq.ft 

Location: New Delhi

Client: Empowerer City

Status: Completed

It gives us a bliss when we see our clients successful, empowerer 2.0 was one such project which came out of the success of empowerers. The space got so popular that they immediately decided to launch the next phase and we were back in action. 

We decided to push things a little further as this time we had more creative freedom. Our main idea was around how the space can be more friendly in a way that it helps people gelling well. Colour blocking is the concept behind this office. Shades of ink blue, mossy green, dark yellow and brick red redefines the vibrant office space. Out of the ordinary, this unusual and quirky meeting room designed adds a fresh character to the office. As they say, your uniqueness is your magic! 

The space sparks creativity, and is full of motivational vibes. There is no reason for any individual to have an office desk if it’s not close to heart. Gracefully done wall decor is a people magnet and we transformed the blank dead walls above the workstations with cool and creative artworks. Other than the décor, natural light invites warmth in the space during the working hours. Plants add a freshness working zone. 

Enough space for storage has been planned for safekeeping vacant furniture and stuff to avoid any unnecessary clutter in the working zone. The blue ceiling paint running throughout the office brings a bold and continuous character to the office. 

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