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Empowerer City


Area: 1800 sq.ft 

Location: New Delhi

Client: Empowerer City

Status: Completed

One of our first projects and it was a great experience with the client. The brief itself was very exciting and challenging. Co-working is all about bringing people from different backgrounds under one roof. The project pushed us to another level as it was not only architecture but a space where people can collaborate, learn and grow together.

With dedicated workstation seats, meeting rooms, cabin, conference rooms and a relaxing discussion zone it’s a place that gives a room to open up and focus on work in a different way. Muted grey colour palette + neutral tones create a calm and welcoming atmosphere whilst having a modern on-trend décor. The ideal interactive space for discussion in the office is designed to stand out bright and cheerful invariably uplifting the mood and productivity of the users. The sit-out space is segregated by AstroTurf flooring, adding a funky whiteboard and some colourful low height bar stools. 

Hot desking is a concept which involves multiple workers using a single workstation or surface during different periods. We incorporated the same by customizing a table for discussion and enlightening the space with its bold and unique design. 

Well-lit coworking spaces are eye-pleasing! While task lighting, table lamps, track lights are other aesthetic lighting alternatives, but we tried our best to illuminate the space with natural light during the day. Walls are inspiring with motivational quotes to foster the productivity of the employees. One of the walls says, Keep calm and don’t disturb because great minds at work!! While the other writes Dream big, work hard and make it happen!

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