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House 25


Area: 1600 sq.ft 

Location: New Delhi

Client: Mr. Rathore 

Status: Completed

This project was an exercise that gave us the opportunity to illustrate good design, we were limited to a small space 1500 sqft, a two bedroom configuration for a young couple. The vibe of the place can be felt right at the entrance verandah of the house.


Colourful potted plants and vertical garden have been used to keep the space lush green and lively. Black and white tiles and astroturf together plays a highlighting effect on the floor with natural light penetrating from the semi-open pergola and creating dramatic shadows on the surfaces. The Art of Composition is a simple approach for creating masterful designs! The eye focuses on the dominant circular element with a reflective mirror as you enter the house.


The colour palette used throughout is calming with muted shades of blush pink, blue-grey and mint green on walls, furniture and upholstery. One of the nice things about pastels is that together they work in harmony. Cool geometric patterns have been used as a wallpaper for a neutral base. The cosy-looking living room captures beautiful diffused day light. 

The mood board of the master bedroom remains defined to Chevron wooden flooring, blue painted wall and black and white pattern to add a sweet contrast. The easiest way to enlarge a bedroom is by adding a mirror on your wardrobe shutter reflects the light coming from the window and creates more volume through ceiling reflections. The second bedroom is a playful quirky design with designer wall lights and contrasting artworks on the bed back wall.

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