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Area: 1400 sq.ft 

Location: New Delhi

Client: Faizan and Farheen

Status: On going

‘Inayat’ is an urdu word which means blessings, symbolic for embracing this tiny house with warmth & minimal interiors. While the spacial limitations do not diminish the quality of space. We transformed an old DDA flat to a 3 BHK modern livable house for a couple in Okhla. Smart on space, high on style and warm and inviting. From the ceiling and walls to the artefacts and accents, every corner is an elegant take on curves. 

The house has a welcoming vibe which takes you to the journey of pastels and flowing spaces. The partition in the dining area stands out as an aesthetic element connecting yet segregating the spaces. The client wanted a touch of an artistic character as a personal taste and we customized the artworks and upholstery in the same theme. The living room has circular voids connecting the nature and bringing the mystical greens inside the house. Amalgam of earthy tones and greens in the balcony brings life in the space. 

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