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Our Story

J+AM Storey is a multidisciplinary design practice based out of New Delhi, led by Architects Amit Bhatia and Jaanshi Bhatia. Our pallet of work covers a variety of commercial, residential and office projects. Team J+AM incorporates a pool of talented architects, skilled site supervisors, interior designers who practice comprehensive design and are committed to producing innovative works.


We believe that stories have the power to make a change, we build storeys that become amazing stories. 



Good design is user-centred, with this as a core idea we keep our client's requirements in the centre and illiterate around it, we listen, understand, iterate and reiterate till we meet the client's requirements. As good things don't come easy in life we work hard to cherish our project and when we spot a sheen of joy in the eyes of our client we think we have done a good job.


Design philosophy-

We feel good architecture is about a good combination of light, material, layout, and shadows. These aren't just words but gears of the machine that drives the project smooth. A bit of passion and eye to detail which acts like lubricant we take every project very seriously. As excellence is a journey, not a habit, we are travellers in the quest of true beauty.


Good stories make good experiences and that is what we focus on, weave a story that makes a good user experience. Architecture is all about the connection with nature and a good play of space, materials, light and shadows with a glorified touch of geometry and the right proportions. We see our ideas flying from the paper sketches and manifesting into reality. 

Our team is obsessed with details and always try fusing latest trends with technology, we achieve this by brainstorming together in the quest of excellence.

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