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Area: 1800 sq.ft 

Location: New Delhi

Client: Senra Tech pvt. ltd.

Status: Completed


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The roots of the firm are reflected through its brand, functions and values. Our client – ‘SENRA’, a U.S based IoT (Internet of things) company, had a similar approach while expanding and setting up their new office in India. Thus, they wanted to create an environment that could define themselves and their business venture.

The office is designed on the concept of contemporary and industrial interiors, as per client’s choice to create a minimal, raw and rejuvenating environment. The spaces are incorporated with open planning, simple and minimal detailing, seeking humble materials, sticking with cool colors and letting the natural light in. For a raw and rustic feel, we picked cool shades of gray for the overall interiors and merged them with splashes of sophisticated blue, yellow and green. Textures and furniture pieces express bold statements.


Our initial thought was to capture the maximum day light penetrating through the two openings on the site. The interactive focus point created as a breakout space provides visual transparency, interactive connection, relaxation and wellness at the workplace. The idea of a breakout space came into picture connected with an open pantry. And we used the carpet in blue color, in contrast with the grey scheme, striking element in the space, with a backdrop of real raw bricks which adds the refreshing character into the space. The white and gray color theme portrays a sense of calm and composure, which when used in gray ceiling and carpets, infused with M.S. frame cabins and solid rubber wood furniture, creates a neat and balanced look. The overall office theme exhibits tranquility and harmony.

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