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Urban Green Box


Area: 5000 sq.ft 

Location: New Delhi

Status: Competition

The architectural competition entry in Archdais by team JAM on the topic – “Crafting home through spaces”. The Site located in Delhi measures 67’ x 75’ with the shorter side facing towards North. Out project, is a bungalow with site area approximately 5000 sqft based on the concept of inward planning along with double-height spaces creating an experience a family can cherish.


The idea behind the plan was to merge inside and outside spaces. For instance, the courtyard can be seen here as an anchor around which the house functions whereas the spaces extends out to the outdoors which is treated as a pleasure garden punctuated with water trees and deck encouraging informal engagements with nature.

‘Urban green box’ as the name suggests, an amalgam of greens in a modern glass box, connected through an open courtyard and a cantilevered swimming pool in the form of a bridge connecting the building. There is no peace like the peace of an inner courtyard, the smell of the soil and the natural light through the staircase of your house!

The private dwelling is a particularly favourable place in which to enjoy double-height spaces. This design strategy not only allows vertical spaces to be connected but also enriches the functional and aesthetic possibilities of a building. As a way to let in more light, to create a connection between two levels or even to give the illusion of extra space, a double-height volume can do wonders for your home.

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