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Area: 700 sq.ft 

Location: New Delhi

Client: Mr. Deepak Bharadwaj

Status: Completed 

Small office big details! Two-cabin office space is enough to design avant-garde interiors. Creative approach and innovative mind-set have been followed in the making. Our thought process lies in the principle of unleashing the creativity to the maximum while designing this tiny yet powerful office outfit. And our journey led us to an out of the box design.


The cool combo of grey tiles and turf brings in the continuity on the flooring. Partition with a parametric triangular pattern in grey paint and white oak wood creates interesting pyramids and bold prismatic effect. The door connecting the two cabins camouflages in the design making it unnoticeable and becoming a single unit as a part of the design. This unique striking element gathers the attention from both the cabin. Glass allows Semi-transparency allowing visual transparency. Pastel pink and white oak wood adds a Fresh breathing space in the workstations. Planter wall in MS composition is eye-pleasing off the wall. Ceilings with wooden and texture paint are modern taste hottest trends. Naturally lit, elegant MS storage partition bookshelf is stylish and youthful. White oak wood vertical louvers on a wall in the workstations and ceiling balance the warmth. Road map wallpaper in the niche adds to a crisp and funky detail. Neat lighting, hanging lights, focus and track lights are eye-catching.

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